As one of the Valley's best known Professional Sound Engineers, Bob is responsible for producing top-quality sound at performances, events and parties. Bob Scatchell is an experienced professional when in charge of operating sound systems, all types of audio equipment , stage set-up and production / technical management. This experience is key to making or breaking your event.... trust experence, call Bob Scatchell today for a professional you can count on.

  • Designing, procuring, installing, operating, and maintaining, sound equipment
  • Meeting with stage managers, directors, performers, & tour managers and following their directions
  • Managing and playing recorded music during a live event
  • Coordinating and directing the laborers who move, set up, and sometimes help work the sound equipment
  • Attending practices, rehearsals, and sound checks
  • Controlling and troubleshooting the sound system during a live event
  • Coordinating the sound operations with lighting, staging, and other facets of the production


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